Daniel Recio  Abril 2 2011

Abril 2 2011  Daniel Recio
This information is also available online in Technote #7017389: http://www.ibm.com/support/docview.wss?uid=swg27017389
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IBM Lotus Notes, Domino, iNotes & Notes Traveler
March 2011
This newsletter contains links to new information and current key technical support documents for IBM Lotus Notes, Domino, iNotes, and Notes Traveler that are frequently requested or identified by IBM Lotus Support as valuable. It also features content provided by Lotus Development, Lotus Education, and Information Development teams.
Fix Pack 2 for Notes, Domino & iNotes 8.5.2 is now available for download!
Read about upcoming support for iNotes on Firefox 4
Join us April 13th for our next Open Mic session - "Domino Admin 101". See technote #1457286 for details. Also see the technotes linked below for Q&A transcripts and presentations from recent sessions:
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  • Video: How to analyze Notes and Domino Crash and Hang Data
  • Lotus Notes Traveler
    Lotus Notes Traveler MOBILE JAM week, May 16-20, 2011!

    Lotus Notes Traveler is now available:

    Support Statement for Symbian/Symbian^3 and Windows Phone

    Updated: Lotus Notes Traveler Frequently Asked Questions (1450615)
    Features Android information.

    Updated: System Requirements for Lotus Notes Traveler 8.5.2 (7019476)

    Traveler Support resources:
    Download the latest Domino Configuration Tuner rules
    Take 30 seconds to download the easy-to-use Domino Configuration Tuner (DCT) and start comparing your Domino environment to a set of best practice rules to identify configuration problems. Once you have DCT installed, click "Check for Updates" to download new rules which are added monthly. Here are two recently added rules:
  • CATALOG_POOL_SIZE_MB - To ensure that the pool size for the catalog is set appropriately. By default the pool size is too small for medium to large environments
    • LDAP_MAXPOOLSIZE - should only be configured when troubleshooting LDAP memory pool issues
    • Also look for the newly implemented 'Apply Recommended Changes' button!

    For more information, refer to this DCT entry in the Notes and Domino wiki.
  • Training and Certification for System Administrators, Application Developers, and Users
    Lotus Education & The Learning Continuum Company bring you all NEW Notes Domino courses!
    Expand your skills with this exciting new Domino portfolio. Learn XPages and advanced topics like JavaScript, Java, and LotusScript. Courses may be purchased with IBM Training Education Packs, individually or as packages. See the current portfolio of courses on the Lotus Education | TLCC website on ibm.com. Develop new skills - register for classes today!

    Mark 5/15/2011 on your Training Calendar!
    In May, a NEW Course, D8L54 - Developing IBM Lotus Domino 8.5.2 Applications: Advanced XPage Design will be available. This advanced course builds upon the skills you obtained in the Developing IBM Lotus Domino 8.5.2 Applications: Intermediate XPages through informative lectures and discussions and hands-on labs.

    IBM Lotus Certification Train and Certify Program
    Qualifying courses receive a certification promotional code that will enable students to take the corresponding certification exam for 50% off the regular retail price. View all qualifying courses here

    Share this event information with your WebSphere Portal colleagues!
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    IBM Exceptional Web Experience Conference 2011, May 16-19, 2011 in Orlando Florida
    Capitalize on the rise of social networks and technologies. Learn how to deliver an exceptional web experience attending world-class educational sessions, and hands-on labs. Certify while onsite; 1st exam free. For full details and to register, visit the event website.

    Additional Lotus Education Resources:
    Design and Technical Information
    Lotus Notes Traveler event

    Pack your virtual bags for an interactive session with members of the IBM Lotus Notes Traveler development team.

    Join Jessica Peter, Michelle Cooper, and Velda Bartek for a conversation about the Lotus Notes Traveler Android user experience. Jack Mitchell from Information Development and Rick Gillaspy from development will also be participating in the conversation.

    Mark your calendars for Thursday, April 7th, 9:00 AM US Eastern. Additional event details will be provided on Lotus Design Facebook
    Consumability experience survey
    Would you respond to the Consumability Survey for the latest version of the products you work with? This is an opportunity to influence future releases of our products and save you time by helping to make our systems easier to use. You do not have to identify yourself or your company and it only takes about 30 minutes.
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    Image:Support Content Highlights newsletter for Notes, Domino, iNotes & Notes Traveler (March 2011)

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    Support Content Highlights newsletter for Notes, Domino, iNotes & Notes Traveler (March 2011)