Martín Ortega Novella  February 16 2009

February 16 2009  Martín Ortega Novella
I would like somebody answer this question.    
Why IE has so bad behavior with IBM blog template 8.0.1 ???.

I have asked this question in the Notes Designer Blog and I have the impression that nobody understood my question.  

The 8.0.1 blog adjusts to the content, if I use my MAC (beautiful machine) to see any blog created with this tempalte, everything is perfect, but  my monitor has 24 inches.    
The blogs are also visited by the customer, my customers usually have 1024x768 monitors and a lot of IE.    
Mozilla and Opera have a better behavior, but even so, if you put an image bigger than 700px (approximately) short part of the text.

Image:IBM 8.0.1 template blog,Grrrrr..........Please Help (English post)

Personally I like that this blog adjusts to the content, although the clever ones say that a page web should not adjust.    

The trick is in the HTML Templates Pages and mainly in the stylesheets.    
The LeftSideBar has fixed size, the RightSideBar too, the Content is adjusted to the content because the " frame " has defined a minimun size . Perfect, it even works very well with resolutions of 800X600, but if you put a big image in any post, the blog breaks, mainly with IE that is the navigator that less the standard HTML completes.    

I am not a defender of IE,  just the opposite, I defend  the freedom that each one uses the navigator that more you like it.    

I have modified the Stylesheets and the HTML templates Pages so that it doesn't adjust, but  it loses the grace.    
Another thing that I have made it`s to eliminate the RightSideBar and to increase the minimum size of the frame. I like this solution more, although it's only to minimize the problem.

I should not put this post in my home page.  
My home page uses RightSidebar, but if use the HTML "continuing reading" marks, when you use the "permanet link", no problem, because then, the blog use another HTML page template that doesn't have RightSideBar, this way I avoid the problem.
If somebody has a better solution, will be well received.

Regards from Spanish Lotus User Group

Pido disculpas a los colegas del ESLUG por poner esta entrada en inglés, quiero ver si algún listo me contesta.

Blog 8.0.1

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Albert Buendia
2/17/2009 9:22:24 AM

¿Existe la posibilidad en la plantilla de blog de cargar unos templates u hojas de estilo en función del navegador que cargue el blog? Me refiero al típico javascript de si viene por IE carga este código (css, js, etc...) si viene con navegadores tipo Mozilla carga este otro código. Si la respuesta es afirmativa te puedo orientar sobre la solución.

2/18/2009 2:10:58 PM

Gracias Albert, ahora estoy en Madrid, a la vuelta te cuento.

Un saludo

Albert Buendia
2/18/2009 10:41:49 AM

La posible solución te la he enviado al correo. Tendrás que retocar la hoja de estilos. Si hay suerte, no dudes en publicarlo. Un abrazo. Albert.


IBM 8.0.1 template blog,Grrrrr..........Please Help (English post)