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  • Instalación y administración de IBM Sametime Standard 8.5.2
    Julio 6 2012 Albert Buendia

    Dos enlaces con utilísima documentación en castellano encontrados en la "web esfera" de IBM. Dos más para el álbum de favoritos ;)

    Can Sametime Work with Internet Sites enabled?
    Julio 5 2012 Albert Buendia

    Very useful document from IBM recently updated.

    Guía de instalación de Sametime 8.5 para noveles
    Julio 13 2010 Albert Buendia

    Buenas tardes, Durante años he administrado y dado soporte a plataformas Lotus Domino. Ahora tendré que dar soporte también a servidores Sametime. No tengo ninguna experiencia en Lotus Sametime. ¿Me

    YES - SI - OUI - JA - IBM Lotus Sametime 8.5 - I WANT ONE
    October 22 2009 Albert Buendia

    Yes, today is the day. I'm excited to try the new IBM Lotus Sametime 8.5. Yes, it's 8.5. Let's see some screen shots and the place where you can try. Sí, hoy es el gran día. Estoy encantando con probar el nuevo IBM Lotus Sametime 8.5. Sí, es la versión 8.5. Veamos algunas capturas de pantalla y el lugar donde puedes probarlo. Avui és el gran dia. Estic encantat de provar el nou IBM Lotus Sametime 8.5. Sí, he dit la versió 8.5. Veiem algunes captures de pantalla i el lloc on podem provar-ho. Remembering the new capabilities of Lotus Sametime 8.5: * Effective Online Meetings - never lose the first 10 minutes of a meeting to distributing passcodes again * Reservationless Meeting Rooms - they can be instantly created for single meeting or kept and be reused. Of course, they can be scheduled through Lotus Notes or Microsoft Outlook calendars. * Persistent meeting rooms are available 24x7 and have their own file library. Users can create rooms devoted to specific projects and store the appropriate materials there. * The meeting experience is fully integrated into the Sametime Connect client. Users can create, find and join meetings right from Connect Client. * A zero-download browser-based meeting experience is also available for meeting participants to view meeting content. * Invite others to meetings by dragging names from the Connect Client contact list and dropping them on the meeting room. * Accept meeting invitations in a single click - its just like joining a group chat request. * Upload materials via simple drag & drop. * Application and/or Screen Sharing for the Windows, Linux and the Macintosh. * Simplified Audio and Video that takes the guess work out of multimedia collaboration * New tools to communications enable any Web 2.0 application * Simplified Management and Administration through the new Sametime System Console * More effective IM and Mobility options - including zero download, browser-based chat and iPhone clients and deeper Microsoft Outlook integration


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